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Civiele Bedrijvendagen 2023

Worley Nederland B.V.


Worley Nederland B.V.

We are looking for graduates to join our Civil structural and architectural department. You will be mentored by one of our senior engineers and you will perform a variety of assignments through the application of basic structural engineering theories. We will help you solidify your theoretical knowledge and build your experience.

Integrated in the department you will be able to participate on challenging projects and work on the following skills:

  • 3D Structural Analysis software
  • 2D and 3D Design Software
  • Calculation of shallow and deep foundations in partnership with the most experienced geotechnical companies in the world.
  • Calculation and design of steel structures
  • Calculation and design of concrete structures
  • Industrial building design
  • Dynamic analysis of structures and foundations
  • Site visits and construction support
  • Exposure to the complete project life cycle from concept to execution

The world has entered a global energy transition. It will change everything from the way we cook and heat our homes to the way we design and operate heavy industry. Join us and be a part of the net-zero carbon solution, not the problem.

We’re not just engineers. We’re a global team of data scientists, consultants, construction workers and innovators all working to create a better tomorrow.

Algemene Informatie:

Specialisaties Engineering
Project Management
Werkgebied Internationaal
Aantal vestigingen 3
Aantal werknemers 1452
Omzet € 238 Miljoen
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