The Master Case Day is being organized by Het Gezelschap "Practische Studie" in combination with master students from various disciplines.
For questions or extra information, contact us via:

L. Nougues - Chairman

Hi, I'm Laura. I am currently in a full time board year for the study association of Civil Engineering Het Gezelschap "Practische Studie". As chairman of the committee I am in charge of keeping the year planning in my mind and help out where ever needed. I am looking forward to working this this very diverse and fun group!

K. Chowdhary - Secretary

I’m Kshitij and I’m currently pursuing masters in Environmental Engineering. As the secretary of the Master Case Day committee, my job is to facilitate the exchange of information between the participants and the committee, and within the committee itself.

N. van der Heide - Treasurer

Hello everyone, I’m Niels van der Heide, I am 23 years old and last year I finished my bachelors in technical policy and management. As I found this study quite broad, I decided to do the masters of Transport and Planning to get a more specific direction in the field of Transport at Civil Engineering.  To get in touch with companies and organise an event I now decided to commit to the Mater Case day committee, I am really looking forward to it!

S. Mustafa - Commissioner Cases

Hi. I am Shozab Mustafa (MCD Representative from U-Base) and I am doing my masters in Structural Engineering. As the commissioner of cases for MCD 2019, my aim is to come up with interesting and challenging multi-disciplinary cases in collaboration with the guest companies, giving students a chance to apply their engineering and management skills.

J. Satish - Commissioner External Affairs

I did my Bachelors in Civil Engineering from SRM, India. At TU DELFT I am pursuing my masters in construction management and engineering. I am working as the External Affairs co-ordinator for the Masters Case Day, responsible for inviting the potential companies to join the event and follow up any communications    

S. ten BoschCommissioner Logistics

Hello, my name is Sofie ten Bosch. I am a first year master student Geo-Engineering, which is a master for Civil Engineering students but also for Applied Earth Science students. As Commissioner Logistics I will be working on the planning of the master case day and focussing on nice things like the catering and the location of the event.

D. Dieleman - Commissioner Promotion

Born just 500 meter from the North Sea, I had no other option than to study hydraulic engineering. As commissioner promotion, I will take care of all promotion regarding the Master Case Day, so you can blame any ugly posters you see on me.


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