Speed dates

Civil Company Days

During the Civil Company Days this year the so called speed dates will be organised. This speed date is a conversation of half an hour with a company of your choice. Such a " trial - interview " provides the ability to connect to the company of your interest . A great opportunity to discuss an internship, graduation spot or a possible job.

The companies participating in these speed dates that are interested in International students are :

  • BAM (present at Wednesday 14th of May)
  • Max Bögl (present at Wednesday 14th of May)
  • Infraflex (present at Wednesday 14th of May)
  • Brunel (present at Thursday 15th of May)
  • Fluor (present at Thursday 15th of May)

How does it work?

Via the link below you can subscribe for a speed date. On the registration form , you can specify two companies, a first choice and a second choice. In addition, you can specify a preferred time for your speed date(s). Pay attention to the day the company of your choice is present. Each company is only one day present. Next to that you can upload your resume. The companies decide based on your resume if they are interested in a speed date. It is possible that you have two, one or even none speed dates.

Pay attention! You can only participate if you are a master student.


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