• Master Case Day

    Sjoerd Gnodde

    The enrollments of the Master Case Day 2016 are opened! On this day on November 22, Master students and young professionals can follow several cases, after which a winner will be selected. Enroll here!

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  • Delft for Shore

    25 internationals, locals, 4 days, 1 city. Are you ready for LC Delft?

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  • Symposium Waterbouwdispuut

    Symposium ‘Blue Current – Putting tidal energy in perspective’

    Symposium “Het Waterbouwdispuut”: “Blue Current” – Putting tidal energy in perspective.This years symposium will be held on Monday afternoon May 19th. The theme of the symposium will be: “Blue Current – Putting tidal energy in perspective”

    The world will run out on its reserves of fossil fuel and alternative energy will be replacing all of it. Renewable energy sources are most favorable because of its low negative impact on public health and the environment.
    The European Union is demanding a 20% renewable energy generation of its nations. A target which maybe is too ambitious for some (The Netherlands currently have 4,5%).

    Tidal energy isn’t a new form of renewable energy. Tidal energy plants however, still very scarce, could be a possible great solution for some countries. Studies have shown that multiple locations around the world are suitable for vast tidal power plants. And countries like Korea are already investing in and constructing new tidal plants.

    Sometimes the pros don’t outweigh the cons of implementing a renewable energy source. For example, placing large amounts of solar cells in cloudy Holland. Therefore we must, as future engineers, cast a critical eye on these matters. Look beyond the hypes and keep putting things in perspective!

    The symposium will be hosted by Bas Jonkman (TU Delft). The following guest speakers will share their ideas and visions on tidal energy:

    - Han Vrijling (TU Delft)
    - Kees Hulsbergen (Dynamic Tidal Power)
    - Roger Falconer (Severn Barrage)
    - Jacob van Berkel (Pro-Tide-NL)
    - Ruut Schalij (eRisk Group)

    The symposium will start with lunch and coffee at 12:30. Afterwards there will be drinks at PSOR. Subscribe by sending an email to Members of “Het Waterbouwdispuut” and TU employees subscribe for free. Non-member students subscribe for €5,- and all other non-students for €15,-.

    Blue Current – Putting tidal energy in perspective

    Subscribe by sending an email to:

    “Het Waterbouwdispuut”

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  • Be an Entrepreneur: 1•2•STARTUP

    Do you want to experience entrepreneurship? Learn how you can turn your technical knowledge into viable business opportunities? And meet interesting and inspiring people and coaches? Join the 1•2•STARTUP weekend from June 13th till 15th and turn your business idea* into reality.

    Register via before May the 4th and stay updated via

    Want to see more? Check the movie showing last year's edition and join us from 13th till the 15th of June this year! 

    *A business idea is not required to join, but motivation, skills and enthusiasm are! 

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  • Speed dates

    Civil Company Days

    During the Civil Company Days this year the so called speed dates will be organised. This speed date is a conversation of half an hour with a company of your choice. Such a " trial - interview " provides the ability to connect to the company of your interest . A great opportunity to discuss an internship, graduation spot or a possible job.

    The companies participating in these speed dates that are interested in International students are :

    • BAM (present at Wednesday 14th of May)
    • Max Bögl (present at Wednesday 14th of May)
    • Infraflex (present at Wednesday 14th of May)
    • Brunel (present at Thursday 15th of May)
    • Fluor (present at Thursday 15th of May)

    How does it work?

    Via the link below you can subscribe for a speed date. On the registration form , you can specify two companies, a first choice and a second choice. In addition, you can specify a preferred time for your speed date(s). Pay attention to the day the company of your choice is present. Each company is only one day present. Next to that you can upload your resume. The companies decide based on your resume if they are interested in a speed date. It is possible that you have two, one or even none speed dates.

    Pay attention! You can only participate if you are a master student.


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  • New English site online

    Finally the english version of our site is online! We are still working on the translation and hope its fully functional within a few weeks.

    For any question we can always be contacted by email or phone

    Tel. 015-2785465 (desk)
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