Honorary members

Prof. Ir. Kees d'Angremond

Honorary member since: 1994
Engagement with PS: contributions on many symposia, always very helpfull.
Civil section: Hydraulic Engineering
Jobs: Hydraulic Engineering Laboratorium, Volker Stevin, director Port of Amsterdam, main performer in dredging maintainance devision at the port of Rotterdam
Projects: irrigation and en desalinational in India, design 'Oosterscheldekering'
Appointment TU Delft: 1989-2001
Positions at faculty: Previous Dean, Emeritus Professor Coastal Engineering

Prof. Ir. Peter Hakkesteegt

Honorary member since: 1992
Engagement with PS: very helpfull on a great many occations
Civil department: Transport
Jobs: Gemeente Delft, Lector at Building Engineering at TU Delft, Conrector at TU Delft
Projects: Zuidwal in Delft, tram through Overtoom in Amsterdam, first low-traffic residential areas in Delft
Appointment TU Delft: 1980-1996
Positions at faculty: previous Conrector, Emeritus Professor Transportation

Prof. Ir. Johannes Kop

Honorary member since: 1988
Engagement with PS: helped making contact with many watertreatment companys for many study-tours, always very helpfull for PS
Civil department: Health Engineering
Jobs: Grontmij
Projects: Ganges Kobadak Multipurpose Project in Bangladesh, implementation van irrigationchannels, drainage channels and dikes at Bangladesh, Drainage and Flood Control in Indonesie.
Appointment TU Delft: 1985-1992
Positions at faculty: Emeritus Professor Health Engineering

Prof. Ir. Louis de Quelerij

Honorary member since: 2009
Engagement with PS: advice during the 23e lustrum on sposoring, guiding study-tours
Civil section: General Civil Engineering at TU Delft
Jobs: Head hydraulic Engineering at 'Deltadienst' at Rijkswaterstaat, general director at Dutch Fugro
Project: Oosterscheldekering 
Appointment TU Delft: 2002-2012
Positions at faculty: Previous dean (2002-2011)

Prof. Dr. Ir. Hennes de Ridder

Honorary member since: 2005
Engagement with PS: study-tours, coorperation at symposia and lunchlectures, coorperation at parentsday
Civil section: Hydraulic Engineering at TU Delft
Jobs: HBG, consultant, consultant adviser TNO
Projects: Oosterscheldekering, Maeslantkering, Lac Nord de Tunis in Tunesië, Ekofisk Protective Barrier in Norway
Appointment TU Delft: 1994-2013
Positions at faculty: Emeritus Professor construction processes

Ir. L.A.R. Sandbergen

Honorary member since: 1990
Engagement with PS: lots of contributions from business community to PS, Committee of Recommendation for Study-tour in 1987 and symposium in 1988 and helped with the first issue of ACCESS in 1989.
Jobs: Director atTBI Bouw B.V., chairman VG-Bouw, previous chairman OCIB

Prof. Ir. Frank Sanders

Honorary member since: 2000
Engagement with PS: coorperation at many symposia and workshops
Civil section: Civil Urban Planning
Jobs: Urban Planning at Overijssel, project manager at municipality of Tilburg, senior adviseur at Arcadis
Projects: 'Tweede Coentunnel', roadcharging policy
Positions at faculty: Professor Infrastructure, Educationaldirector, 

Prof. Dr. Ir. Huub Savenije

Honorary member since: 2013
Engagement with PS: Coorperation on study trips and excursions
Civil section: Hydrology
Jobs: International consultant, IHE
Projects: salinization in delta's
Appointment TU Delft: 1999-
Positions at faculty: Professor in Hydrology

Prof. Dr. Ir. Wim Uijttewaal

Honorary member since: 2013
Engagement with PS: Guest speaker on many parent days, organizer of 'the big civil game' during the Civil Introduction Weekend, attendee of the Lustrum-tour in 2004 (Germany, Swizz and Italy), Short Abroad Tour 2009 (Venetie en Zagreb) en European Tour 2013 (Eatern Europe).
Civil section: Experimental Hydraulics
Jobs: Researcher in experimental fluid mechanics, TUDelft. 
Projects: Turbulence, sedimenttransport and experimental techniques in fluid mechanics
Appointment TU Delft: 2008-
Positions at faculty: Professor Fluid Mechanics

Prof. Dipl.-ing. Vambersky

Honorary member since: 2003
Engagement with PS: helped with many excursions, study-tours, workshops, etc. 
Civil section: Civil Engineering at HTS Praag
Jobs: Armaton, Constructor at Procon, co-founder of Corsmit
Projects: 'De Belvedère' in Rotterdam, the 'Mondriaantoren' in Amsterdam, the 'Haagsche Zwaan' in The Hague, the 'Bouwhuis' in Zoetermeer
Appointment TU Delft: 1988-2010
Positions at faculty: Emeritus Professor Non-residential Building

Prof. Dr. Ir. Arnold Verruijt

Honorary member since: 1981
Engagement with PS: altijd bereid om een stuk te schrijven, daarnaast altijd bereid om mee te denken over activiteiten van PS
Civil section: Grondmechanica
Jobs: Gasthoogleraar bij de University of Toronto
Projects: Oosterscheldekering, HSL, en Westerscheldetunnel in Nederland, zakking Maracaibo-meer in Venezuela, onderzoek naar grondmechanica
Appointment TU Delft: 1975-2002
Positions at faculty: Emeritus Professor Geo Engineering and Soil Mechanics

Prof. Drs. Ir. Han Vrijling

Honorary member since: 2003
Engagement with PS: guidance in study-tours, helped strenghten the position of PS within KIVI, contributions to many symposia
Civil section: Hydraulic Engineering
Jobs: Volker, Deltadienst at Rijkswaterstaat, NEDECO
Projects: Jubail Commercial Portproject, Oosterscheldekering, Noord-Zuidlijn in Amsterdam
Appointment TU Delft: 1989-2013
Positions at faculty: Emeritus Professor Hydraulic Engineering

Prof. Ir. Leo Wagemans

Honorary member since: 2000
Engagement with PS: contributed many bottle-crate-stunts, organization of Spaghettibridge building contest, advice on many symposia and study-tours, chairman of the day at multiple workshops
Civil section: Steelconstructions
Jobs: DHV
Projects: restauration city of Lamu, different projects in Indonesia
Appointment TU Delft: 1995-2008
Positions at faculty: Emeritus Professor Construction Mechanics



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