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Niels Maltha


My name is Niels, I am a second year student at Delft University of Technology. As the president, it’s my task to coordinate and support all ongoing projects. It’s my ambition to learn more about the civil engineering faculties and the career opportunities around the world.

Eveline Loudon


My name is Eveline, I am twenty years old and I’m a second year civil engineering student. As secretary, my most important job is to be the contact person for the international students who are coming to Delft. My biggest goal of this event is the integration between students from different countries.

  Bas van Wierst


Marit Reinders

Commissioner Public Relations

As PR it is my task to have a balanced budget and I am in charge of external business relations. As a fourth year civil engineering student I would like to get to know my future colleges in international civil engineering.

Remco Troquete

Commissioner Projects

I’m 19 years old, and I’m from the most southern part of the Netherlands. I’m a second year civil engineering student. In my function as commissioner projects I try to show our international guests the most important hydraulic engineering projects of the Netherlands in various ways.

David Kroon

Commissioner Participants

I'm David, 23 years old and I am from Leiden. My role in our LC is taking care of all participants of our activities, both local and international. My aim for the IACES is to make and keep everybody happy at the activities, so that friendships can be established.

Cas van Bemmelen
Commissioner Promo

Marie-Louise Greijmans


Hi, I'm 20 years, thirds year student of Civil Engineering at the TU Delft. Two years ago I moved to The Netherlands. I grew up in the Carribbean, former Netherland's Antilles, Curacao. This year I'm one of the 7 members of the board of "Practische Studie" which is the local study association at the faculty. I'm glad to be part of the IACES organization, I'm very excited about the upcoming event "Delft for shore"!!

(old formation, up to date photo will soon be uploaded!)


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