Delft for Shore

Delft for shore!

The Netherlands is known worldwide for its centuries-old struggle against the water. That’s the reason why hydraulic engineers from Delft are national pride. The theme of the exchange at the end of November is therefore appropriate: Delft For Shore!

In line with the maxim “hydraulic engineering” we’ll arrange trips to Dutch hydraulic structures, including the Maeslantkering and Maasvlakte 2. Also, we plan to pay a lot of attention to a unique project, the Sand Motor. Besides, we want the international students to become familiar with the faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences and its applications. This includes a tour through the faculty and its laboratories. Finally, we find it important to organize social and cultural related activities to improve the bonds between the international students. We'll show them how we live as students in Delft!

The LC's that will be visiting Delft in November are:

LC Ghotenburg (Sweden)

LC Karlsruhe (Deutschland)

LC Salerno (Italia)

See you soon! 


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