The local committee of the International Association of Civil Engineering Students in Delft is run by a committe formed by PS. This committee is put together again  for the first time since several years. The goal is to renew the connections with other study associations around the world and arrange activities with these connections.


The study association has a special education committee for each bachelor year. These committees are the central contact contact point for all questions, comments and complaints regarding the Bachelor courses. Each committee evaluaties all courses in their specific year together with the commissioner of Education from the study association board, the Educational Director from Civil Engineering, a educational staff and the professors.


CamCo - Camera Committee

ExtraCT - Magazine Committee

Yearbook - Yearbook Committee

Symposia, lectures and excursions

LExCie - Lecture and Excursion Committee

Symposium - Symposium Committee

BDC - Company Day Committee


Actie - Activities Committee

BaCo - Batavierenrace Committee

COCo - Civil Parents Day Committee

COW - Civiel Introdcution Weekend Committee

CiCie - Civilization Committee

Gala - Gala Committee

SpaghettCie - Spaghetti Building Committee

WiPSo - Wintersport Committee


StuntCie - Stunts Committee


EuReCo - European Trip Committee

IR - International Travel Committee

MExiCo - Multiple Days Excursion Committee


  • DEME
  • BAM
  • Royal Haskoning DHV
  • Witteveen+Bos
  • Sweco
  • Dura Vermeer
  • Deltares
  • Rijkswaterstaat

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