Het Gezelschap "Practische Studie"

Het Gezelschap "Practische Studie" is the study association for Civil Engineering students at Delft University of Technology. In 1886 a few members of student society 'Delftsch Studenten Corps' decided to give Civil Engineering students the opporunity to mutually discuss Civil related matters.

For over 124 years, the study association offers a variaty of study-related and additional activities. To be able to organize all activities 180 out of 2000 members are actively engaged in the organization of activities devided over 26 committees. The overal governance of the association is done by 7 board members, who put their study on hold for an entire year.


The study association is the link between the students and the faculty. Two full time board member focuss on education, represention all civil engineering studentens. Besides the two board members, special education committees for each bachelor year are the central contact for all questions, comments and complaints regarding educational matters. Each committee evaluaties all courses in their specific year together with the Commissioner of Education from the study association board, the Educational Director from Civil Engineering, a educational staff member and the professors. 

Company Days & Symposia

Every year, PS hosts the civil company days at which around sixty civil engineering companies present themselves towards students. Students can learn about job opportunities and inform about internships and graduation possibilities. 

Preliminary to the company day, the 'Civil Profile' is published. The 'Civil Profile' includes descriptions on companies. Furthermore, a couple of workshop on different career related skills. This year, a company forum was orgnanized for the first time. 

PS also organises workshops, lectures and discussions about civil engineering world throughout the year. Examples are workshops on fields of research within the faculty, debates on current matters or on recent developments and lectures on running projects.

Het Gezelschap "Practische Studie" also organises one large symposium every year. At this yearly symposium several lectures and workshops are given in a wide range of civil engineering specializations.

Excursions & trips

Students can see theory being put to practice at different excursions organised by PS. During the PS Business Tour several companies are visited, usually related to a general civil engineering section. In general a Business Tour is organised once  a year and open for all international students.

Visiting projects together with PS is not limited by the Dutch borders. A couple of committees organise trips abroad, both within Europe and outside of Europe. During these trips several Civil Engineering sites are visited. These trips are not expensive and very useful for your study.

Party's, trips and PSOR

Every Thursday afternoon the faculty cafe (PSOR) is open to all faculty staff and students. All come together to enjoy a couple of drinks and 'evaluate' the week.

Apart from these Thursday afternoons, PS organizes many activities throughout the year with the help of our Activitie committee. A couple of examples are a daytrip to Brussels, ice-skating, movies, lasergaming in the faculty, waterskying and a (table)football tournament. PS also organises a couple of parties with different themes at different locations and occasions.


Het Gezelschap "Practische Studie"
Stevinweg 1, room 1.65
2628CN Delft

T: 015 2785465


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