Enginear is an innovative part of the job placement service sector; derived from knowledge, experience and the network created over more than 15 years of specialistic matching and career counselling. We are a specialist in multiple areas of specialization of the built environment, such as Civil Engineering and Architecture. At Enginear, we devote ourselves to creating careers for young engineers through encouraging selfreflection and helping in career counselling. We mainly focus on students and young engineers (with less than 4 years of work-experience).

What can we do for you as a student? During college, we help students in finding relevant part-time jobs in the student's own area of expertise. Also, we give workshops and training courses at about 25 different applied colleges and universities, where we share our knowledge in running job applications, personal leadership and career progression.

What can we do for you as a starter? After college graduation, we create contact between the engineer and companies that suit them. As soon as we have found a suitable match for you, you will directly start at the company in a fixed position. If you do not yet know exactly which way you want your career to go, our career counselling will help you in finding out where to start your career.

Upload your resume here, if you want Enginear to look at it during the Civil Company Days.


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